Ars moriendi.

Accession number: 
PML 273
Uniform title: 
Ars moriendi (Block book). Latin.
[Augsburg?], [ca. 1470]
14 leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; (4to)

4th ed., issue C.
Collation: 13 p. text and 12 woodcuts, perfect copy.
This issue differs from the earlier one, B, in having two additional cuts at the end: Christ as intercessor and Adam and Eve. The pages not described and missing from the Morgan Library copy of Issue B are: 4a, "Bona i[n]spriaco[ ] angeli de fide"; 4b, plate: invalid in despair; 5a, "Temptaco[ ] dyaboli de desperacae"; 5b, plate: Tranquility of the despairing one; 9a, "Temptacio dÿaboli de vana gloria"; 9b, plate: Exhortation against vain glory; 10a, "Bona i[n]spiratio angeli co[n]tra vana[m] gloriam"; 10b, plate: Temptation to avarice; 11a, "Temptacio[n] dyaboli de Avaricia"; 11b, plate: Exhortation against avarice; 12a, "Bona i[n]spiraco[ ] angli [con]tra[m] Avaricia[m]; 12b, plate: Final agony; 13a, text without heading: 31 lines ending "miserabili[ ] periclita[ ]ln[ ]" followed by two extra plates.
Plates 11 and 12 are transposed.
Blue morocco.


Watermark: on IV/3 leaf 3. Cross on three mounts.
Watermark: leaf 7. Cross on three mounts.
Watermark: on IV/3 leaf 12. Lamb with penant, (Agnus Dei) between chain lines.