Miniatures (Illuminations)

France, perhaps Corbie, ca. 1175.
MS M.44
England, possibly in Lincoln or York, ca. 1185.
MS M.81
Weingarten, Germany, 1215-1217.
MS M.710
Paris, France, between 1227-1234.
MS M.240
Paris, France, ca. 1244-1254.
MS M.638
Amiens, France, between 1280 and 1299.
MS M.729
Maragheh, Iran, 1297-1298 or 1299-1300, and 19th cent.
MS M.500
Naples, Italy, last quarter of 14th century.
MS M.498
Bologna, Italy, or Hungary, 1325-1335.
MS M.360.1-26
Bologna, Italy, 1330-1335.
MS M.716.1-4