Illuminated initials

Paris, France, ca. 1170-1180.
MS M.1152

England, ca. 1225-1250.
MS M.888
France, second half of 12th cent.
MS M.1159
Padua, Italy, late 15th or early 16th cent.
MS M.1069.1-2

Italy, 1450-1499.
MS M.738

St. Pölten, Austria, ca. 1410.
MS M.884.1-2

Tournai, Belgium, ca. 1200.
MS M.338

England, first quarter of the 14th century.
MS M.1150

Rhineland, Germany, second half of 12th century.
MS M.1156

[ca. 1924]
MS M.688a.1