Illuminated initials (layout features)

Florence, Italy, ca. 1450-1460.
MS B.10
Loire River Valley, France, ca. 1475.
MS B.1

Urbino, Italy, October 8, 1456.
MS B.20

Italy, probably Padua, ca. 1460.
MS B.48
England, ca. 1400.
MS B.39
Germany, between 1475 and 1525.
MS B.57
Northern France, between 1460 and 1499.
MS B.22

England, possibly Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, ca. 1200.
MS G.34
France, possibly Paris, between 1250 and 1275.
MS G.15
England, perhaps Gloucester, ca. 1240.
MS G.18