MS M.421, fol. 23v

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St. George Slaying the Dragon

Book of Hours, in Latin
Illuminated by the Master of Jean Chevrot

Belgium, Bruges
ca. 1450
159 x 110 mm

The Morgan Library & Museum

MS M.421, fol. 23v
Item description: 

The Master of Jean Chevrot was named after the frontispieces he painted in a two-volume manuscript (today in Brussels) of St. Augustine's City of God that was made in 1445 for Bishop Jean Chevrot of Tournai. The Chevrot Master had firsthand knowledge of the art of Jan van Eyck, having collaborated with him on the Turin-Milan Hours, an infamous manuscript that took seven artistic campaigns and over fifty years to complete (partially destroyed; the surviving portion is in Turin). Especially Eyckian is the Chevrot Master's attention to detail, as seen in George's armor, the birds in the sky, and the dragon's genitals.