Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Florence, Italy, or in Avignon, France, during the late 1320s.
MS M.713
England, perhaps Cambridge, ca. 1320.
MS M.107
Bologna, Italy, or Hungary, 1325-1335.
MS M.360.1-26
Bologna, Italy, 1330-1335.
MS M.716.1-4
Florence, Italy, ca. 1340.
MS M.742
Florence, Italy, 1392-1399.
MS M.653
Florence, Italy, 1392-1399.
MS M.478
Austria, probably in Tyrol, third quarter of the 15th cent.
MS M.763
Bruges, Belgium, mid 15th century.
MS M.385
Paris, France, ca. 1406-1407.
MS M.1044