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(Louis Carrogis 1717–1806)

Portrait of a Lady Seated by a Fire

Black, red, and white chalk, watercolor, with a touch of pen and black ink to accent the sitter's eye
7 9/16 x 8 9/16 inches (196 x 218 mm)

Purchased on the Walter C. Baker Fund

Item description: 

Many of Carmontelle's portraits are valuable both as aesthetic and historical documents, depicting a wide cross-section of late-eighteenth-century Parisian society. In addition to the present drawing, the artist made at least two other versions of this subject. One, a somewhat larger and less finished study, is in a private collection in Switzerland, while another remains with the sitter's family. The latter version confirms that the subject is Jeanne de Castellane-Mazaugues, who married the Marquis de Pontèves Castellane in 1778.