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Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900. Pirates of Penzance . The pirates of Penzance : copyist's manuscript, 1879.
Accession Number: MA 2502 (Record ID: 115807)

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Front cover
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Act I

No. 1. "Pour O King the Pirate sherry"
No. 2. "When Fred'ric was a little lad" (Ruth)
No. 3. "Oh, better far to live and die" (King, Chorus)
No. 4. "Oh false one, you have deceived me" (Recit. & Duet: Ruth, Frederic)
No. 5. "Climbing over rocky mountain" (Chorus)
No. 6. "Stop, ladies pray" (Recit.: Edith, Kate, Frederic, Chorus)
No. 7. "Oh is there not one maiden breast" (Air: Frederic, Chorus)
No. 8. "Poor wand'ring one" (Air: Mabel, Chorus)
No. 9. "What ought we to do?" (Edith, Kate, Chorus)
No. 10. "How beautifully blue the sky" (Duet: Mabel, Frederic, Chorus)
No. 11. "Stay, we must not lose our senses" (Frederic, Chorus)
No. 12. "Hold, monsters" (Recit.: Mabel, Major General, Samuel, Chorus)
No. 13. "I am the very pattern" (Major General, Chorus)
Finale: "Oh men of dark and dismal fate" (Mabel, Kate, Edith, Frederic, Samuel, Pirate King, Major General, Ruth, Chorus)

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Act II

No. 1. "Oh dry the glist'ning tear" (Mabel, Chorus)
No. 2. "Now Frederic" (Recit.: Frederic, Major General)
No. 3. "When the foeman bares his steel" (Chorus, Mabel, Edith, Sergeant)
No. 4. "Now for the pirates lair!" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 5. "When you had left our pirate fold" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 6. "Away away" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 7. "All is prepared" (Recit. & Duet: Mabel, Frederic)
No. 8. "Stay Fred'ric stay" (Duet: Mabel, Frederic)
No. 9. "Yes, I am brave" (Recit.: Mabel, Chorus)
No. 10. "When a felon's not engaged" (Sergeant, Chorus)
No. 11. "A rollicking band of pirates we" (Sergeant, Chorus)
No. 12. "With cat-like tread" (Samuel, Chorus)
No. 13. "Hush not a word" (Recit.: Frederic, King, Major General, Chorus)
No. 14. "Softly sighing to the river" (Major General, Chorus)
Finale: "Poor wand'ring one" (Mabel, Edith, Kate, Ruth, Frederic, Major General, King, Samuel, Chorus)

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