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Unknown, . . Manuscript book of miscellaneous tunes : manuscript, ca. 1795.
Accession Number: Fuld (Record ID: 285318)

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Front cover
Front endpapers
Lady Charlotte Durham / The Grand Turkish March / The Banks of Allan Water
The King of Prussia's Grand Waltz - by Mozart / The Surprise. by Haydn
My ain Kind Dearee / For the Lack of Gold She Left Me / Cameron has got his Wife again / Roy's Wife
Charity / A Favorite Gallopade / Ninety second Regiment's March / Braes of Marr
The Harper of Mull / The Caledonian March / Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey / A Military Air
Savourneen Delight / There's Nothing True but Heaven
I'll Remember thee / The Blarney
She Wore a Wreath of Roses
Wilt thou meet me there Love?
La Terpsichor - La Panthoon / La Gardes - La Ete / La Gloirie - La Poule / La Elegant - La Treniese
La Amour - La Finale / Rachael Rae / I am o'ver young to marry yet
Walts [-] Mozart / Favourite March / To Hell
Lord Hardwick's March / Sung with Melancholy / Circasian Circle
The Highland Watch / Miss Forbes's farewell to Banff / My Nannie O / O Merry Row The Bonnie Bark
The Fairy March / Louis Gordon / The Persian Dance / One we never Mention her
The Angels Whisper / Hamilton Gardens Waltz / Zephyr Waltz
Brunswick Waltz / Liber Augustine / The Guaracha [-] Spanish Air / Away to the Mountains Brow
The Flower O'Arranteenie / Come oer the Stream Charlie / Hurrah for the Bonnetts o Blue / The 4 [?] Dragoon Guards march
A Favourite March / The Roman Girl's Song / McGregor of Ruara
Air by Jenkine [?] / Garcon Volage
Jeanie Gray [?] / Auld Langsyne / Swiss Boy / Huntsmans Chorus / Me Banks & Braes O' Bonnie O Doon
Lagie O' Buchan / London March / Roussians [?] Dream / My Ain Kind Dearie O / La Finale de Lodoiska - Quadrille
Guilliume Tell Waltz [-] Rossini / Waltz [-] Mozart / Der Freychutzs Waltz [-] Weber / Waltz 'we met''
Andante Siciliano / A Favourite Waltz [-] Mozart / The Boatie Row's / Allegro / The Blue Bell of Scotland / Miss C. Smith's Waltz
The Cachucha [-] A Favourite Waltz Country Da[nce] / The Clyde Waltz / The Bath Waltz / Moran's Swiss Waltz
A Favourite Rondo - by Stamitz / Lady Ann Hope's Strathspey
The Hen's March / The Shamrock - or Kitty Moonie / The Sprig of Shillelah / The Flowers of Edinburgh
The Guaracha / Let me in this aye night / A Favourite Waltz / Grand Payss March
Scotch Sett of Quadrilles
Johnny Gray Bruty/Breely [?] / Dainty Davy / Rock of Gibralter / Castles in the Air
Sleepy Maggie / Clean pease straw / The Soldiers Joyl / Dunse Dings A / Virginian Jigg - or Yanky Doodle / Mrs McLeod of Rasey's Reel
Torry Burn Lassies / I'll kiss the Lass she bade me / The Fairy Dance / Lord McDonalds Reel / The Duke of Perth / The Marquis of Huntlys Highland Fling
The German Ca Ira / Miss Graham of Inchbrakie's Strathspey
La Leper Quadrilles
Paddy O Carroll / Jenny's Babee / The Highlandman Kist his Mother / Miss F. McDonald's Reel / Jenny Dang the Weaver / The Back of the Change house
Auld Robin Gray / Carrack's Rant / Duke of Gordon's birth Day - Strathspey / Cadgers of the Canongate / Delvin Side
The Saxcoburg Waltz / The Marchieness of Queensbery's Waltz / Country Bumbkins / The Devil among the Taylors / New German Waltz
The Downfall of Paris / Walace's Lament / Lord Hardwicks March
Farewell to Whisky / La Petit Tambour / Who'll be King but Charlie / St Patricks Day / The White Cockade / Betsy Baker
The Breast Knots / The Mason's Anthem / Captain O' Kain or the Wounded Husar / The Keel Row's / Jack a Tar
The Colleage Hornpipe / Katherine Ogie / O'er the Hills and far away / The Soldiers Tear / Begone Dull Care / Bonny Dundee
The Last Rose of Summer / See the Conquering Hero comes [-] Handel / Cathleen O'More / My Native Highland Home / The Rose of Allendale / Alice Gray
The Flowers of the Forest / Garry Owen / The East Nook of Fife / Peter Street / Mrs. Stewart's Strathspey / Struan Robertson's Rant
[?] Slow March / Fife Hunt
Back endpapers
Back cover

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