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School Programs

Students working on project
  • Colors of the World: Illuminated Manuscripts in the Age of Exploration
    Students will step into Europe's past by reenacting skills and techniques that artists used to create the most exquisite medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the Morgan's collections. They will delve into the art of Western illumination as a means of exploring early Eurasian and African trade routes.
  • Reading a Building: Mr. Morgan and His Library Students will piece together a character portrait of Pierpont Morgan by looking at his magnificent library.
  • Mythical Creatures Students will observe the imagery on Mesopotamian seals. Through gallery activities and art projects, they will be introduced to ancient myths and symbols.
  • Off the Wall Math: Geometry and Architecture at the Morgan Through various activities relying on observation, logic, and problem solving, students will understand how, a hundred years apart, the architects Charles McKim and Renzo Piano used geometry and patterns to communicate their ideas to the Morgan's visitors.
  • Tour for Teens: "Language Arts Through Ernest Hemingway" uses the exhibition Ernest
    Hemingway Between Two Wars as a basis to explore Hemingway’s language and his contribution to American literature. Through a tour of the exhibition, including revised manuscripts and typescripts, students will explore and gain a unique insight into the creative process of one the most celebrated American authors of the 20th Century.

For more information on these programs, please see the 2015-2016 School Brochure or e-mail