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Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900. Pirates of Penzance . The pirates of Penzance : autograph manuscript, 1879.
Accession Number: MA 2500-2501 (Record ID: 115806)

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Vol I

Front cover
Front endpaper
Front matter

Act I

No. 1. "Pour, O King, the Pirate sherry" (Chorus, Solo)
No. 2. ["When Frederic was a little lad"] (Ruth)
No. 3. "Oh, better far to live and die" (King, Chorus)
No. 4. "Oh false one, you have deceived me!" (Recit. & Duet: Ruth, Frederic)
No. 5. "Climbing over rocky mountain" (Chorus)
No. 6. "Stop, ladies, pray" (Recit.: Edith, Kate, Frederic, Chorus)
No. 7. "All is prepared" (Recit. & Duet: Mabel, Frederic)
No. 8. "Poor wand'ring one" (Air: Mabel, Chorus)
No. 9. "What ought we to do?" (Edith, Kate, Chorus)
No. 10. "How beautifully blue the sky!" (Duet: Mabel, Frederic, Chorus)
No. 11. "Stay, we must not lose our senses" (Frederic, Chorus)
No. 12. "Hold monsters!" (Recit.: Mabel, Major General, Samuel, Chorus)
No. 13. "I am the very pattern" (Major General, Chorus)
Finale "Oh men of dark and dismal fate!" (Mabel, Kate, Edith, Frederic, Samuel, King, Major General, Ruth, Chorus)

Back endpaper
Back cover

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Vol. II

Front cover
Front endpaper
Front matter

Act II

No. 1. "Oh dry the glist'ning tear" (Mabel, Chorus)
No. 2. "Now Frederic" (Recit.: Frederic, Major General)
No. 3. "When the foeman bares his steel" (Chorus, Mabel, Edith, Sergeant)
No. 4. "Now for the pirate's lair!" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 5. "When you had left our pirate fold" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 6. "Away, away" (Trio: Ruth, Frederic, King)
No. 7. "All is prepared" (Recit. & Duet: Mabel, Frederic)
No. 8. "Stay, Frederic stay" (Duet: Mabel, Frederic)
No. 9. "Yes, I am brave" (Recit.: Mabel, Chorus)
No. 10. "When a felon's not engaged" (Sergeant, Chorus)
No. 11. "A rollicking band of pirates we" (Sergeant, Chorus)
No. 12. "With cat-like tread" (Samuel, Chorus)
No. 13. "Hush, Hush. not a word!" (Recit.: Frederic, King, Major General, Chorus)
No. 14. "Softly sighing to the river" (Major General, Chorus)

Back endpaper
Back cover

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