Summa theologica.

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PML 25592
Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459.
Venice : Nicolaus Jenson, 1477-1480.
[254, 323, 352, 319, 374] leaves ; 31.5 x 22 cm. (fol.)
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Purchased in 1928.

Title from ISTC.
First colophon (I, leaf G5v): Hic finis p[ri]me partis summe Anthonini: ordinis p[re]dicato[rum]: archipresulis florentini Su[m]ma cura: et opera castigate atq[ue] emendate. ex inclyta officina Nicolai Jenson gallici Millesimo q[ua]dri[n]ge[n]tesimo septuagesi[m]onono. deciasoctavas cale[ndas] Januarias.
Second colophon (II, leaf N7r) Actu[m] hoc opus ex i[n]clyta atq[ue] famosa officina Nicolai Je[n]son Gallici olympiadibus dominicis Anno videlicet. M.cccc.lxxx. quartas Caldendas Julias.
Third colophon (III/2, leaf E9v): Explicit tertia pars su[m]me beati Antonini archiep[iscop]i flore[n]tini: ac sacre pagine interpretis eximii: impressa Venetiis industria atq[ue] i[m]pensa Nicolai Jenson Gallici. 1477.
Fourth colophon (IV, leaf N9r): Actum hoc opus veneciis eme[n]datssimu[m] enucleatiusq[ue] castigatu[m] ex mclyta [sic] atq[ue] famosa officina d[omi]ni Nicolai Jenson Gallici olimpiadibus dominicis Et anno Millessimoquadragentessimo octoagessimo decimas quartas cale[n]das maias.
In four parts, dated: I) 15 Dec. 1479 (more likely 1478, see BMC); II) 28 June 1480; III) 1477; IV) 18 Apr. 1480.
Printed in types 5:93G, 6:75G, and 7:150G.
Collation, I): a¹⁰ b-o⁸ p⁶ q-t⁸ u⁶ y-z [et] [con] A-F⁸ G⁶: 254 leaves; II): a-d¹⁰ e-z [et] [con] [rum] A-L⁸ M¹⁰ N⁸(+1): 323 leaves; III/1): a¹² b-z [et] [con] [rum] A-F¹⁰ G⁸ H¹⁰ I⁶ K⁸: 352 leaves, leaves a1, a5 and K8 blank; III/2): a¹⁰(+4*: generali [et]) b-e¹⁰ f¹² g-n¹⁰ o-q¹² r-z¹⁰ [et] [con] [rum] A-E¹⁰: 319 leaves, leaves a1 and E10 blank; IV) 374 Bl. a¹² b-h¹⁰ i-k⁸ l¹⁰ m⁸ n¹⁰ o-p⁸ q¹⁰ r⁸ s¹⁰ t⁸ u¹⁰ x⁸ y-z [et] [con] [rum] A-K¹⁰ L⁸ M-N¹⁰: 374 leaves.
Paper format: Chancery folio
Preface and additions of Franciscus Moneliensis. For a variant without the preface of Franciscus Moneliensis see CIBN.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 28.7 x 20.2 cm.
PML copy is part IV only.

Contemporary German blind-tooled calfskin over wooden boards (31.5 x 22 cm.), sewn on 4 supports by the St. Ulrich and Afra bindery, Augsburg (EBDB w000114/Kyriss 2, active 1470-1534). Plain paper fly leaves; plain endbands. Manuscript title label on top boards. 2 clasps and bosses, wanting.

Hand decoration: Augsburg/Ulrich and Afra illuminated initials and foliate border (leaves a2r and a5r), red lombards, paragraph marks, and capital strokes. Annotations: No marginal notations in text.

Augsburg (Bavaria), Benedictines, SS. Ulrich and Afra, inscription, 17th century: "Imp. Mon. SS: Udal. & Afre Aug. Vindel." (leaf a2r, identical illumination to part I at Munich, 2 Inc.c.a. 814m-1); Munich, Court Library, duplicate inscription (front pastedown); E.P. Goldschmidt, unidentified catalogue, no. 7; Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Goldschmidt, May 1928.