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The Morgan Online Exhibitions
Thumbnails Introduction Islamic collection
Treasures of Islamic Manuscript Painting from the Morgan
The Qur˒an, the Holy Book of Islam

Jerrāḥ Pasha Qur˒an

Jerrāḥ Pasha Qur˒an

Jerrāḥ Pasha Qur˒an

Jerrāḥ Pasha Qur˒an

Jerrāḥ Pasha Qur˒an

Miniature Qur˒an and Banner Box

Early Tenth-Century Qur˒an

Tenth-Century Qur˒an

Tenth-Century Qur˒an

Tenth-Century Qur˒an

Eleventh-Century Qur˒an

Maghribi Qur˒an

Mamluk Qur˒an

Qur˒an Leaf

Washing Before Prayer

Qur˒an from Kashmir

Turkish Qur˒an

Persian Qur˒anic Leaf
Natural History and Astrology

Two Gazelles and Two Mountain Rams

Two Elephants



Iskandar and Khiżr

Sultan MurĀd III

Leo Ridden by a Personification of the Sun

The Valley of Diamonds and Jewels

Sleeping Man

Cabd Al-Muṷṷalib,
Rūmī, Persian Mystic And Poet

Rūmī's Father

Seljuk Sultan's Courtier

Sermon by Rūmī

Three Saints

RūMī Stops His Ears

Rūmī Summons Ḥamza

ḤalĀwiyya Madrasa

Religious Dispute Between Rūmī

A Young Merchant and Rūmī

Water Monster

Dogs in a Market

Story of Seth

Construction of a Theological School

Mystical Scene

Day in the Hot Baths

Prophet Muḥammad Reveals to Calī

Execution of Husain Ibn Mansur Al-hallaj

An Escaped Bull Seeks Refuge at Rumi's Feet

How to Curb an Appetite

A Physician Bleeds a King

Rumi Meets with His Followers for the Last Time

The Funeral of Jalal Al-Din Rumi

Konya, Besieged

Iblis (Satan) Leads Cumar

Husam Al-Din Chelebi

Husam Al-Din Chelebi, in a Dream

A Samac During the Leadership of Rumi's Successor

A Confrontation of Akhi Mustafa

Death of the Mongol Ruler Ghazan Khan

Rumi Dancing in the Presence of Three Disciples

Rumi Distributing Sweetmeats
The Read Persian Album

Standing Uzbek Youth

Youth Pulling on a Falconer's Glove

Seated Courtier with His Falcon

Youth Flexing a Bow

An Aristocratic Smithy

An Uzbek Prisoner

A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath

A Seated Dandy in a Fur-lined Coat

Lovers Observed by a Youth

A Man Falls from His Horse

Archer Riding an Aged Horse

Emaciated Horse and Rider

Inhabited Exotic Foliage

A Qizilbash and His Horse Entangles by a Dragon

Imaginary Fern
The Read Mughal Album

Bābur Seeks His Grandmother's Advice

Bābur and Two Companions Racing

The Young Akbar

Prince Salīm at an Audience Window

Akbar at an Audience Window

Hakīm Mu˒mina

Young Dārā Shikoh

Prince Dārā Shikoh

Khiżr Presents a Globe to Shāh Jahān

Bahādur Shāh

Ibrāhīm Ibn Adham of Balkh

Peri Riding a Composite Horse

Three Peris Riding a Composite Elephant

A Sun-bearing Peri Rides a Composite Lion
Persian poetry

Tur Murders Iraj, His Brother

King Shaput Zu˒l Aktaf

Iskandar and Dārā

Bones Before Iskandar

Maḥmūd of Ghanzi

Classroom Scene

Sa˓dī Shīrāzī's Būstān

Gathering in a Graveyard

Cisa (Jesus) and the Dead Dog

Sultan Sanjar and the Old Woman

Khusrau Seels Pardon from His Father


Khusrau Encounters Shīrīn Bathing


Farhād Carries Shīrīn

Shīrīn Lectures Khusrau

Lailā and Qais in School

Majnūn Surrounded by Pairs of Animals

Majnūn Grasps the Door Knocker

Lailā Visits Majnūn

Lailā Summons Majnūn

Majnūn Visits Lailā's

Majnūn Mourns at Lailā's Tomb

Iskandar Battles the Zangīs

Iskandar Comforts the Dying Dārā

Khiżr żand Ilyās

Bahrām Gūr and His Court

Bahrām Gūr Slays a Dragon

Bahrām Gūr's Trick Shot

Bahrām Gūr and the Indian Princess

Bahrām Gūr and the Byzantine Princess

Bahrām Gūr and the Tartar Princess

Bahrām Gūr and the Slavic Princes

Bahrām Gūr and Princess Azargūn

Bahrām Gūr and the Chinese Princess

Bahrām Gūr and the Persian Princess

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