Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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MS M.653.4

Last Supper, in an initial C

MS M.653.4

MS M.653.4

Judas Revealed as Christ's Betrayer, from a Leaf from a Gradual, in Latin

MS M.653.4

MS M.653.5

Adoration of the Magi, in an initial E

MS M.653.5
Austria, probably in Tyrol, third quarter of the 15th cent.
MS M.763
Bruges, Belgium, mid 15th century.
MS M.385

MS M. 1044, fol. 45

Gaston Phoebus

Making Snares and Feeding Dogs

ca. 1407
MS M. 1044 (fol. 45)
Netherlands, perhaps Delft, 1415-1420.
MS M.866
Belgium, perhaps Ghent; England, ca. 1420.
MS M.46

MS M.944, fol. 75v

St. Luke Painting the Virgin

ca. 1420
MS M.944 (fol. 75v)
France, possibly Angers, ca. 1427.
MS M.146