Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

France, possibly Angers, ca. 1427.
MS M.146
Northern France or Flanders, ca. 1445.
MS M.287

MS M.421, fol. 23v

St. George Slaying the Dragon

ca. 1450
MS M.421, fol. 23v

MS M.282, fol. 124v

Decapitation of St. John the Baptist

ca. 1460
MS M.282, fol. 124v
France, perhaps in Paris or northeastern France, ca. 1465.
MS M.1003
Italy, probably Milan, 1470-1480.
MS G.14
Milan, Italy, ca. 1470-1495.
MS M.682
Perugia, Italy, 1472-1499.
MS M.472
Bologna, Italy, 1475-1499.
MS M.444

MS M.6, fol. 44v

Adoration of the Magi

MS M.6, fol. 44v