Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

MS M.728, fol. 94v

The Evangelist Luke

ca. 860
MS M.728 (fol. 94v)

MS M.644, vol. II fol. 222v

Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem

MS M.644, vol. II (fol. 222v)

MS. G.44, fol. 2

Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

ca. 1050
MS. G.44 (fol. 2)

MS M.641, fol. 122v

Crucifixion of Saint Peter

ca. 1060
MS M.641 (fol. 122v)

MS M.641, fol. 75v


ca. 1060
MS M.641 (fol. 75v)

MS M.736, fol. 18v

Thieves Breaking into the Burial Church of St. Edmund

ca. 1130
MS M.736 (fol. 18v)

MS M.44, fol. 6v

The Last Supper as a Mass, from a manuscript of the "Miniatures of the Life of Christ"

Late 12th century
MS M.44, fol. 6v

MS M.81, fol. 31v

Corn Plants, Anthill, and Ants

ca. 1185
MS M.81, fol. 31v

MS M.81, fol. 69

Sawfish and Ship

MS M.81, fol. 69

MS M.710

Jeweled Binding with Virgin and Child Surrounded by Evangelists, Five Saints, and Two Virtues

ca. 1215
MS M.710