Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

St. Gall, Switzerland, between 880 and 899.
MS M.1
Reims, France, ca. 860.
MS M.728
Spain, San Salvador de Tábara, ca. 945.
MS M.644
Southern Italy 10th or 11th century.
MS M.397

MS. G.44, fol. 2

Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

ca. 1050
MS. G.44 (fol. 2)

MS M.641, fol. 122v

Crucifixion of Saint Peter

ca. 1060
MS M.641 (fol. 122v)

MS M.641, fol. 75v


ca. 1060
MS M.641 (fol. 75v)
Bury St. Edmunds, England, ca. 1130.
MS M.736
Canterbury, England, 1155-1160.
MS M.521
Winchester, England, between 1160 and 1180.
MS M.619