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Pierre-Philippe Choffard (1730–1809) after Nicolas André Monsiaux (1754–1837).
Approchez, contemplez ce monument pieux où pleuroit en silence un fils religieux. Etched plate in Jacques Delille (1738–1813), Les Jardins: poëme. Nouvelle édition considérablement augmentée. Paris: Chez Levrault freres, 1801. Purchased on the Gordon N. Ray Fund, 2004; PML 129580

John Heaviside Clark (ca. 1770–1836)
Lightning. Aquatint, plate 13 in Clark's A Practical Illustration of Gilpin's Day, Representing the Various Effects on Landscape Scenery from Morning to Night in 30 Designs from Nature. Second edition. London: Priestley and Weale, etc., 1824. Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987; GNR 5625

Cobden-Sanderson Binding
On: Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Poems. London: F. S. Ellis, 1870
Deep blue goatskin, richly gilt to a floral mandorla pattern, with gilt and goffered edges, and with endleaves of Morris silk brocade; signed and dated 1891. The delicate floral patterns, here using roses and tulips, are inspired by Morris designs but do not slavishly copy or follow them.
PML 7242. Purchased with the De Forest collection, 1899

Binding by Thomas Cobden-Sanderson, 1889
On William Morris, The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs.
London: Reeves & Turner, 1887
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, probably in 1901
PML 2109

Attributed to Francesco Colonna (1433–1527)
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (Poliphilo's Strife of Love in a Dream)
Printed by Aldus Manutius in Venice, 1499
Opening: Nymph Discovered by a Satyr
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan with the library of Theodore Irwin, 1900; PML 373

Coptic Binding, 7th or 8th Century
Detached from: The Gospels, in Coptic
Illuminated manuscript on vellum
Egypt: Monastery of Holy Mary Mother of God, Perkethoout near Hamuli, the Fayum, 7th or 8th century
Goatskin over papyrus boards; decorated with onlaid panels of red leather tracery sewn to a gilded leather ground, with plain edges
MS M.569. Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan, 1911

Edward S. Curtis (1868–1952)
The North American Indian: Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the United States, and Alaska
“Flathead Childhood,” plate 235
[Seattle, Washington]: E.S. Curtis; [Cambridge, Massachusetts: The University Press], 1907–30
PML 19073, vol. III

Thomas Daniell (1749–1840)
Hindoo Temples at Bindrabund on the River Jumna, illustration in Oriental Scenery, London, 1795–1807, The Morgan Library & Museum; PML 75757

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