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Centaur with a Bow and Arrow Attacking Winged Lion
Cylinder seal and impression
Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period
(ca.1000–539 B.C.)
30 x 9 (11) mm
Seal no. 749

Armed Hero Grasping Kicking Ostrich; Worshiper Behind Two Fish Men with Pollen Baskets Flanking Sacred Tree; God in Winged Sun Disk Above
Cylinder sea and impressionl
Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period
(ca.1000–539 B.C.)
37 x 17 mm
Seal no. 773

Worshiper Before Two Altars Adorned with Divine Symbols
Cylinder seal
Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period
Lapis lazuli
39 x 18 mm
Seal no. 781

Attendant Waving Palm Whisk over Table Before Seated King Raising Cup, Attendant with Fan and Towel Behind King
Cylinder seal and impression
Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period
(ca.1000–539 B.C.)
27 x 12 mm
Seal no. 776

Eye Stone Amulet with a Dedication Inscription of King Nebuchadnezzar II in Akkadian
Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period, reign of Nebuchadnezzar II
(ca. 604–562 B.C.)
Inscribed: To Marduk, his lord, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, son of Nabopolassar, gave this for his life
3.84 cm diameter
MLC no. 2624
See more in Written in Stone online exhibition »

Tablet Inscribed in Akkadian with a Fragment of the Epic of Adapa
Mesopotamia, Neo-Assyrian period (ca. seventh century B.C.); clay
MLC 1296

Tablet Inscribed in Babylonian with a Ritual for the Observances of Eclipses
Mesopotamia, seleucid period (ca. third-first century B.C.); baked clay
MLC 1872

Persian Warrior with Greek Prisoners of War
Cylinder seal and impression
Persia, Achaemenid period (ca. 550–330 B.C.)
23 x 10 mm
Seal no. 833

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