John Rocque

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John Rocque
(d. 1762)

A New and Accurate Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, with the Country about it for Nineteen Miles in Length, and Thirteen in Depth.

London: Sold by the proprietor John Rocque; printed by W. Edwards, 1748.

Purchased on the Henry S. Morgan Fund, 2007

PML 129921
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Topographer to His Majesty George the Third, John Rocque built up a thriving business in large-scale maps of London, most notably a survey of the downtown area 26 inches to the mile and this scenic bird's-eye view of the city and environs, 5 1/2 inches to the mile. In sixteen sheets, here bound in original marbled wrappers, he depicted rustic locales soon to be engulfed by the growing metropolis as well as the grounds and gardens of Kensington Palace, Hampton Court and other estates he surveyed while employed as a dessinateur des jardins. He was the first to embellish county maps with motifs used in landscape design.