Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Florence, Italy, or in Avignon, France, during the late 1320s.
MS M.713
England, perhaps Cambridge, ca. 1320.
MS M.107
Bologna, Italy, or Hungary, 1325-1335.
MS M.360.1-26
Bologna, Italy, 1330-1335.
MS M.716.1-4
Florence, Italy, ca. 1340.
MS M.742

MS M.498, fol. 4v

St. Bridget's Eucharistic Vision, from St. Bridget of Sweden, Revelations and other texts, in Latin

Late 14th century
MS M.498, fol. 4v
Florence, Italy, 1392-1399.
MS M.653
Austria, probably in Tyrol, third quarter of the 15th cent.
MS M.763
Bruges, Belgium, mid 15th century.
MS M.385

MS M. 1044, fol. 45

Gaston Phoebus

Making Snares and Feeding Dogs

ca. 1407
MS M. 1044 (fol. 45)