Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Winchester, England, between 1160 and 1180.
MS M.619
France, perhaps Corbie, ca. 1175.
MS M.44
England, possibly in Lincoln or York, ca. 1185.
MS M.81
Italy, probably Florence, late 13th cent.
MS M.273
Weingarten, Germany, 1215-1217.
MS M.710

MS M.240, fol. 8

Blanche of Castile and King Louis IX of France; Author Dictating to a Scribe

ca. 1230
MS M.240 (fol. 8)

Fol. 23v

Saul Slaying Nahash and the Ammonites; Samuel Anoints Saul and Sacrifices to the Lord

MS M.638 (fol. 23v)

MS M.729, fol. 232v

Yolande de Soissons in Prayer

ca. 1280–90
MS M.729, fol. 232v
Maragheh, Iran, 1297-1298 or 1299-1300, and 19th cent.
MS M.500
Naples, Italy, last quarter of 14th century.
MS M.498