William Gilpin

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William Gilpin

From the album River-Views, Bays & Sea Coasts

Pen and brown ink, brown and gray-brown wash, over preliminary indications in graphite, on paper washed with ochre
Oval: 6 7/8 x 9 1/8 inches (167 x 234 mm)

Purchased as the gift of Mrs. Enid A. Haupt

Item description: 

The Reverend William Gilpin invented the Picturesque travel book based on his own series of tours beginning in 1768. Recording his first impressions in notebooks and rough sketches while he traveled, he later finished views that provided "general ideas" rather than "exact portraits" to illustrate principles of correct landscape composition. Gilpin pasted many of his drawings into albums, which were given to members of his family until 1785.