Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets

Man Prodding Ox Pulling Plow

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 653

Two Figures Attacking Bearded Hero with Curls

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 686

A Winged Hero Contesting with a Lion for a Bull

Morgan Seal 747

Armed Hero Grasping Kicking Ostrich

Morgan Seal 773

Attendant Waving Palm Whisk over Table

brownish chalcedony
Morgan Seal 776

Centaur with a Bow and Arrow Attacking Winged Lion

banded agate
Morgan Seal 749

Hero Grasping Two Male Sphinxes

mottled white-and-green siliceous stone
Morgan Seal 757

Hero Grasping Two Struggling Birds

white chalcedony
Morgan Seal 764

Worshiper Before Two Altars Adorned with Divine Symbols

lapis lazuli
Morgan Seal 781

Four Rows of Striding Boars

rock crystal
Morgan Seal 836