Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets

Lion Attacking Stag Before Tree on Mountain

pink chert
Morgan Seal 603

Lion Griffin Attacking Bull

Morgan Seal 598

A Winged Hero Pursuing Two Ostriches

grey marble
Morgan Seal 606

Griffin Demon Tearing Branch from Tree

red sard
Morgan Seal 609

Griffin Fighting Griffin Demon

milky chalcedony
Morgan Seal 608

Winged Lion Griffin Attacked by Hero over Kneeling Calf

Morgan Seal 607

Archer Attacking a Lion Griffin

bluish chalcedony
Morgan Seal 719

Charging Bull with Rosettte, Constellation Above

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 635

God Astride Bullheaded Dragon

Morgan Seal 689

Goddess with Ring and Scimitar

pink-and-white chalcedony
Morgan Seal 694