Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets

Bull Men Contesting with Lions

white marble
Morgan Seal 167

Crowned Hero Grasping Bull

Morgan Seal 149

Enthorned Water God with Two-Faced Vizier

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 198

Enthroned Goddess with Worshipers

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 245

Etana's Flight to Heaven on the Back of an Eagle

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 236

God with Grain Following a God with Plough

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 207

Libation Before the Weather God and the Rain Goddess

Morgan Seal 220

Male and Female Worshipers

lapis lazuli
Morgan Seal 190

Nude Bearded Hero Subduing Bull; Bull Man Overpowering Lion

dark-green and brick-red jasper
Morgan Seal 162

Nude Bearded Hero Wrestling

greenish-black serpentine
Morgan Seal 159