Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets

Pattern of Two Running Goats

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 48

Hero Grasping Bull and Mouflon

white marble
Morgan Seal 52

Horned Deity (?) Seated Before a Shrine

lapis lazuli
Morgan Seal 62

Lion-Armed Demon with Human Torso and Legs

onyx marble
Morgan Seal 61

Three Demons Whose Legs Are Foreparts

petrified shell
Morgan Seal 59

Bull Man Protecting Horned Animals Attacked Felines

white marble
Morgan Seal 75

Heroes Protecting Animals From Felines

lapis lazuli
Morgan Seal 80

Kilted Hero Attacking Felines Menacing Horned Animals

lapis lazuli
Morgan Seal 85

Seated Figures Drinking Through Tubes

onyx marble
Morgan Seal 112

Banquet Scene with Seated Couple and Attendants

black serpentine
Morgan Seal 250