The Hours of Henry VIII Facsimile

Commentary volume by Roger S. Wieck
400 pages
55 full-page miniatures
10.4 x 7.1 inches
Cover type: 

The Hours of Henry VIII, Jean Poyer’s masterpiece, receives its name from King Henry VIII of England, second monarch of the House of Tudor. It is documented that the manuscript belonged to a series of later English kings. For example, there is proof that between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it still belonged to the library of George III (1738–1820). It is a lavish work of incomparable dramatic force, fit for England’s most fascinating and passionate monarch.

Jean Poyer’s career as a painter was short, from 1483 to 1503, but he was famous for being a master colourist and a genius at composition and perspective. In the Hours of Henry VIII, the beauty of the Franciscan Calendar is good proof of his reputation and, among other sections as the Office of the Dead and the Hours of the Virgin, makes this manuscript a peerless treasure.

The manuscript is bound in red velvet. Its clasps contain Henry VIII’s coat of arms (three fleur-de-lis quarterly 1 and 4, three lions passant guardant quarterly 2 and 3). They also contain his monogram H.8.R (Henricus Octavus Rex) and his famous motto, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (Shame on him who evil thinks).

Unique and unrepeatable first edition, strictly limited to 987 numbered and authenticated copies.