The Da Costa Hours

Includes Commentary
17.2 x 12.5 cm

Book illumination reached one of its greatest highpoints in the fantastic art of the Ghent-Bruges school. Without a doubt the greatest master of them all is Simon Bening. The Da Costa Hours is probably this artist’s greatest early work. While some of the 121 brilliant miniatures represent a critical synopsis of what book illumination had produced in the previous centuries, others offer a view of the last great testimonies to the magnificent tradition of Dutch book illumination.

The facsimile edition of The Da Costa Hours, published in the series Codices SelectiD, is a complete reproduction of the manuscript, with 388 folios in the original format, a faithful edge trim, and colours authentically rendered to the last detail. The gorgeously engraved gilt edging has also been reproduced in line with the original. The original gold coatings of the original, the unique atmosphere and mood, and the intensive, brilliant colors are accurately reproduced in the facsimile edition.