Miniature Books: 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures

Anne C. Bromer and Julian I. Edison
208 pages
Color illustrations
9.7 x 10.6 inches

Miniature Books is the first lavishly illustrated, authoritative book on the delightful subject of books no taller than three inches. A dazzling array of books on subjects ranging from Shakespeare’s plays and the Bible to politics and presidents, children’s books, the pleasures of life, and more are shown—with few exceptions—at their actual size.

Here is the prayer book that Anne Boleyn carried to her execution, seen open to its sole illustration, a portrait of Henry VIII. Here also are the world’s two smallest books (impossible to be sure which is tinier). There are books studded with gemstones, books that Napoleon carried with him on his campaigns, books illustrated by artists such as Picasso, Miró, and Edward Gorey. And there is a section dealing with the papers, printing, and binding of these tiny marvels. The text is lively and accessible, full of great stories and fascinating people. It will appeal to the experienced collector but also to the one just starting out and to anyone who loves the look and feel of a good book.