Alfred Jarry: The Carnival of Being

Sheelagh Bevan. With contributions by Jennifer Johnson, Paul D. Miller a.k.a DJ Spooky, Julien Schuh, and Linda Klieger Stillman.
170 pages
8 x 11 inches
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This catalogue is published on the occasion of the first major museum exhibition in America devoted to the French writer and artist Alfred Jarry (1873– 1907). Beginning in the last decade of the nineteenth century, Jarry’s works traversed the realms of fiction, criticism, illustration, and the avant-garde stage. The iconoclasm of his oeuvre and personality made him a touchstone for the arbiters of Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, and the Theatre of the Absurd, yet the breadth of his career has been largely unexamined. Alfred Jarry: The Carnival of Being considers his achievements through the lens of his inventive publications, exploring how encounters with leading fin-de-siècle artists informed his engagement with the medium of the book. Situating Jarry within this literary and artistic milieu, the exhibition and catalogue point to his influence on writers and artists who followed in his wake.