Color Magic Sticker Play Book

16 pages
Full color illustrations
11 x 11 inches

2,000+ reusable geometric color-mixing stickers
6 play scenes + 3 blank pages

Red and yellow make orange. Yellow and blue make green. Blue and red make purple. The magic of colors mixing to form new colors in one of the first lessons of art.

With this innovative book, young artists experience the wonder of color over and over again and learn through discovery how colors mix and change. By combining unique translucent stickers, one color on top of another, children can create new colors and then change them in an instant. The reusable stickers easily peel away from the special laminated pages so that a fresh "canvas" is always at the ready.

The 2,000 stickers come in multi-sized geometric shapes, which can be arranged to create people, animals, airplanes, cars, and more. As children manipulate the circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and ovals, they will begin to see the geometry of the world, as artists do.

In all, Color Magic Sticker Play Book provides an endless opportunity for discovering and learning the basics of art.

Ages 5 and up