Vellum (parchment)

Fayyūm, Egypt, 892-893.
MS M.567
Perugia, Italy, 1401-1432.
MS M.964

France, possibly Amiens, between 1300 and 1310.
MS M.751

Egypt, ca. 822/23-913/14.
MS M.576

Italy, possibly northern, between 1500 and 1550.
MS M.928

Tours, France, ca. 1517-1520
MS M.1171
Milan, Italy, 1425-1450.
MS M.985

Italy, probably Bologna, ca.1265-1270
MS M.880

Florence, Italy, 1360-1370.
MS M.958

Cologne, Germany, 1175-1199.
MS M.984