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Balbi, Giovanni, -1298.
Maguntina : [Printer of the 'Catholicon' (Johann Gutenberg?)], Mcccclx [1460]
PML 77728
England, between 1050 and 1099.
MS G.63
Tours, France, early 9th cent.
MS G.40

Brittany, France, 10th century.
MS G.28
Probably Italy, between 650 and 699.
MS G.58
England, 8th century.
MS G.26
England, probably Northumbria, between 650 and 700.
MS G.30
Bruges, Belgium, ca. 1510.
MS G.46

Possibly Qazvīn, Iran, Jan. 12, 1567.
MS G.72
France, probably Paris, 1230-1260.
MS G.37