Iran, possibly Iṣfahan mid-17th century
MS M.142
Oct. 4, 1828.
MS M.35
Venice, Italy, June 1, 1534.
MS M.553
Cambrai, France, 1738.
MS M.148
Gujarat, India, ca. 1475.
MS M.1035.1
Italy, ca. 1475.
MS M.412

France (Reims?), 9th and 16th centuries.
MS M.906
Oxford, England, Reutlingen, Germany, and at Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, between 1412 and 1426.
MS M.298
Italy, possibly in Perugia, between 1450 and 1499.
MS M.770

Iran, probably in Shiraz, last quarter of 15th cent.
MS M.127