Miniatures (Illuminations)

Kashmir, probably third quarter of the 18th century.
MS M.787

Toulouse, France, between 1300 and 1325.
MS M.301
Probably Turkey, ca. 1780 or later.
MS M.904
Paris, France, 1699.
MS M.1123

France, possibly Amiens, between 1300 and 1310.
MS M.751

Egypt, ca. 822/23-913/14.
MS M.576

Himachal Pradesh, India, ca. 1850.
MS M.999
Italy, possibly northern, between 1500 and 1550.
MS M.928

Tours, France, ca. 1517-1520
MS M.1171
Paris, France, ca. 1515-1525.
MS M.1147