Hollis bindings (Binding)

A free inquiry into the nature and origin of evil. : In six letters to---.

Jenyns, Soame, 1704-1787.
London : Printed for R. and J. Dodsley, M.DCC,LXI.
PML 4192

Accurata, e succinta descrizione topografica delle antichità di Roma dell' abate Ridolfino Venuti.

Venuti, Ridolfino, 1705-1763.
Roma, Presso G.B. Bernabò, e G. Lazzarini 1763.
PML 2099

An essay on truths of importance to the happiness of mankind : wherein the doctrine of oaths, as relative to religious and civil government, is impartially considered / the whole submitted to public examination by the late Rev. Mr. Herport ... ; translated from the German.

Herport, Buat.
London : Printed for S. Baker and G. Leigh ..., and E. and C. Dilly ..., 1768.
PML 8586

Considerations on the present state of the controversy between the Protestants and Papists of Great Britain and Ireland; particularly on the question how far the latter are entitled to a toleration upon Protestant principles. Being the substance of two discourses delivered to the clergy of the arch-deaconry of Cleveland, in the years 1765 and 1766. By Francis Blackburne, M. A., archdeacon of Cleveland.

Blackburne, Francis, 1705-1787.
London, A. Millar, and T. Cadell, 1768.
PML 2106

Discourses concerning government, by Algernon Sidney. With his letter, trial, apology, and some memoirs of his life.

Sidney, Algernon, 1623-1683.
London, Printed for A. Millar, 1763.
PML 5002

Epistola de tolerantia ad clarissimum virum T.A.R.P.T.O.L.A Scripta à P.A.P.O.I.L.A.

Locke, John, 1632-1704.
Goudae, Apud J. ab Hoeve, 1689.
PML 6250

Ioannis Wallisii grammatica linguae anglicanae : cui praefigitur, De loquela, sive, De sonorum omnium loquelarium formatione : tractatus grammatico-physicus.

Wallis, John, 1616-1703.
Londini : Excudebat Guil. Bowyer, Prostant apud A. Millar, 1765.
PML 4191

Ioannis Wallisii grammatica lingvae anglicanae : cvi praefigitvr, De loqvela, sive, De sonorvm omnivm loqvelarivm formatione: tractatvs grammatico-physicvs...

Wallis, John, 1616-1703.
Londini : Excvdebat Gvil. Bowyer. Prostant apvd A. Millar, 1765.
PML 129518

Johannis Burton ad amicum epistola: : sive commentariolus Thomæ Secker Archiep. Cantuar. memoriæ sacer.

Burton, John, 1696-1771.
Oxonii, : E Typographeo Clarendoniano., 1768.
PML 4751.1

Letters concerning toleration.

Locke, John, 1632-1704.
London, Printed for Millar, 1765.
PML 2101