Historiated initials

Germany, possibly Würzburg, ca. 1477.
MS G.13

Venice, Italy, ca. 1405.
MS G.36

Italy, possibly Teramo or Bologna, between 1375 and 1399? or during the second half of 14th century?
MS G.16

Le Mans, France, 1100-1120.
MS G.17

Bourges, France, ca. 1460-1465.
MS G.49

Yorkshire, England, ca. 1500.
MS G.39

Franconia, Germany, ca. 1250.
MS G.73

England, probably London or Canterbury, 1310-1320.
MS G.53

England, perhaps London, ca. 1225.
MS G.25

Bruges, Belgium, ca. 1470.
MS H.7