Historiated borders

Belgium, ca. 1425-1450.
MS M.514

Bruges, Belgium, between 1500 and 1526.
MS M.363

France, probably Mons, between 1490 and 1500.
MS M.33

Florence, Italy, second half of the 15th century
MS M.315

Northern Italy, possibly the Veneto, ca. 1425-1450.
MS M.1089

Paris, France, ca. 1418.
MS M.919

Belgium, possibly Bruges or Ghent, ca. 1480.
MS M.959

Paris, France, between 1471 and 1485.
MS M.815

Paris, France, ca. 1490.
MS M.20

Paris, France, ca. 1485-1490.
MS M.231