Current Exhibitions

Walton Ford: Birds and Beasts of the Studio
April 12 through October 20, 2024
Rabbit with blue dress and white apron pouring water from kettle into tea cup with three smaller rabbits sitting in foreground facing backwards.
Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature
February 23 through June 9, 2024
Seen Together: Acquisitions in Photography
January 26 through May 26, 2024
Photograph of J. Pierpont Morgan's Library interior showing bookshelves and tapestry.
J. Pierpont Morgan's Library

Presentations from our Collection

The Discerning Eye Indian and Persian Illuminations from the William M. Voelkle Gift
October 24, 2023 through April 21, 2024
Collections Spotlight, Spring 2024
January 9 through May 12, 2024
Capturing Atmosphere: European Nature Studies in Oil
November 14, 2023 through August 11, 2024
Photograph of mural with orange, yellow and blue geometric shapes.
Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing 552D