Sponsored Teaching Artist Requirements

In an effort to reach out to schools in need of art education, the Morgan Library & Museum will provide a limited number of teaching artists at no charge to eligible applicants.

Schools that wish to participate in the Morgan Book Project but do not have a visual arts teacher on staff may apply for a certified teaching artist sponsored by the Morgan.

The language arts, social studies, or content teacher will collaborate with the teaching artist as they would with a public school visual arts teacher.

Each teaching artist will attend the Summer Institute with the content, language arts, or social studies teacher. Starting in the fall, the same teaching artist will pair up with the same school teacher to develop a collaborative lesson plan and implement it in the classroom throughout the school year.

To be eligible for a teaching artist, a school should meet all of the following requirements.

Eligible schools should:

  1. Hold current Title I status.
  2. Attest that the absence of art instruction is due to a lack of funding.
  3. Attest that recent attempts at obtaining funding for the arts were not met with success.
  4. Demonstrate a dedication to the visual arts through a record of art projects and field trips to museums.
  5. Complete the Morgan Book Project application form.
  6. Meet with the Morgan’s Assistant Manager of School Programs with the applicant teachers and principal or assistant principal at the school.
  7. Openly collaborate with the Morgan Library & Museum to establish the aforementioned prerequisites.

Application process
Please fill out the online application form below OR download a PDF to e-mail or mail.

E-mail: abell@themorgan.org
Mail: Ann Bell “The Morgan Book Project”, The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016



 The Morgan Book Project 2022-2023
Sponsored Teaching Artist Application Form

General School Information
Exposure to the Arts
List field trips during a typical school year.
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