Hans Memling

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Hans Memling

Old Woman at Prayer with St. Anne (left); Young Man at Prayer with St. William of Maleval (right)

Oil on panel
Each panel: 32 7/8 x 10 5/8 in. (835 x 270 mm); framed: 36 5/8 x 14 3/8 in. (930 x 365 mm)

The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1907

Item description: 

Among Memling's finest early works in this country, these two panels once formed the wings of a triptych. They depict relatives, along with their patron saints, of Jan Crabbe, the fifteenth-century abbot who commissioned the altarpiece. At left, St. Anne stands behind an older, kneeling woman, who is probably Crabbe's mother, Anna. At right, St. William of Maleval appears in armor behind a young man, probably the abbot's brother or nephew.