Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Concerto in C Major, K. 467

Autograph manuscript, 1785

22.5 x 32 cm

The Dannie and Hettie Heinemann Collection

Heinemann MS 266
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This is one of the indisputable masterpieces among Mozart's twenty-seven piano concerti. The first movement displays a variety of thematic invention unmatched elsewhere in the piano concerti, and the sustained reverie of the second movement is justly famous. When Mozart's father, Leopold, saw a copyist's manuscript of the concerto in early 1786, he wrote to his daughter: "Indeed, the new concerto is astonishingly difficult. But I very much doubt that there are any mistakes, as the copyist has checked it. Several passages simply do not harmonize unless one hears all the instruments playing together. . . . I shall get to the bottom of it all when I see the original score."