Andrea del Sarto

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Andrea del Sarto

Young Man Taking a Step, with a Basket, and Balancing a Sack, 1511–24

Black chalk
10 3.8 x 5 1/4 inches (264 x 134 mm)

Gift of J. P. Morgan, Jr., 1924

I, 30 (recto) and IV, 14 (verso)
Item description: 

Andrea del Sarto excelled in representations of the human figure, preparing each pose from the live model with a sensitive understanding of anatomy. The present boldly delineated study is preparatory for the figure of a manservant ascending a flight of stairs in the monochrome fresco of the Visitation in the cloister of the convent of the Compagnia dello Scalzo, Florence. Andrea intermittently worked on the cycle of twelve murals, his first major commission, from about 1507 to 1526.