Bartolomeo Montagna

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Bartolomeo Montagna
(ca. 1450–1523)

Nude Man Standing Beside a High Pedestal

Point of brush and black ink, brown wash, heightened with off-white gouache, over traces of black chalk, on blue paper faded to brown
15 3/4 x 10 1/8 inches (400 x 258 mm)

Gift of Otto Manley

Item description: 

Although Montagna was the leading painter in Renaissance Vicenza, only about thirty of his drawings are known. The Morgan possesses two fine examples. This study, a rare depiction of a secular nude, was probably inspired by classical statuary or literature, a subject that would have appealed to humanist circles. The detailed and careful execution reveals a northern Italian sense of realism and also suggests that the sheet was produced as an independent work of art.