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John Milton

Paradise Lost.

Manuscript of Book I, in the hand of an amanuensis, ca. 1665.

Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1904

MA 307

Tho. Tomkyns RRmo. in
Christo Patri ac Domino
Dño Gilberto divinâ Providentiâ
Archiepiscopo Cantuarensi à
Sacris domesticis.
  Richard Royston
    Int[ratu]r p[er] Geo: Tokefeilde Cl[ericum]

"Let it be printed. Thomas Tomkyns, one of the religious servants of the most reverent father and lord in Christ, Lord Gilbert, by divine providence archbishop of Canterbury. Richard Royston. Entered by George Tokefield, clerk."

Translation by Professor Gordon Campbell.