A double-barelled detective story : written mainly in Saranac Lake, NY : autograph manuscript signed "Mark Twain," 1901.

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MA 2934
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910.
Purchased on the Fellows Fund, 1977.
1 item (125 p.) ; 230 cm

Written on the rectos of 125 folios, about 20 of which are also written on the verso. Part First foliated 1-35; with 1 additional folio between 20 and 21 labeled 20A. Part Second foliated 1-87; with 1 additional folio between 39 and 40 labeled 39 1/2, and 1 additional folio between 84 and 85 labeled 84 1/2.
Signed "Mark Twain" at end of manuscript.


Complete text of "A Double-barelled Detective Story." With notes and emendations to the text throughout, and with additional notes to Harper's concerning spacing and the division of the story into potentially three magazine issues.

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Blue cloth drop-spine box (25 cm).