Carroll’s “Looking-Glass” postcard

Carroll playfully wrote this postcard to Mary Mileham in “looking-glass writing”


7 Lushington Road,

Only to think of it, you dear Mary!
If we haven’t totally forgotten the lock
I was to carry off with me! Would you
send it, please? It wo’n’t be too heavy
to come by post. It should be about 3
inches long, & should have a piece of silk
tied round the middle to keep it together. The
key can be sent another time.


Image caption:
Lewis Carroll (1832–1898)
Postcard to Mary Mileham, signed in reverse “C.L.D.” and dated Eastbourne, 14 September 1884
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York. Gift of Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., 1987, MA 8624.1
Photography by Graham S. Haber, 2015