Spencer Finch

Finch’s book, which relates to his art installation Ulysses (September 19, 2014), records the artist’s wanderings through New York on one day. Charted as a progression of the colors he encountered, the book evokes personalized travel maps from the twentieth century, called TripTiks, and Pantone’s commercial color-matching swatches. Finch documents the source of each hue in brief captions, such as “fire hydrant,” “moss on gravestone,” and “subway.” At one point, the chromatic litany of New York shifts from the everyday to the transcendent when Finch looks at a book and artworks by Josef Albers (1888–1976).

Spencer Finch (b. 1962)
Brooklyn: Trying to Press, [2016]
The Morgan Library & Museum, purchased on the Gordon N. Ray Fund for the Sean and Mary Kelly Collection, 2021; PML 198671
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