MS M.711, fol. 110r, silk down

"Hainricus Missal"

(Gradual, Sequentiary, and Sacramentary), in Latin

Germany, Weingarten
ca. 1220–30

Purchased by J. P. Morgan, Jr., 1926

MS M.711
Page description: 

Oswald of Northumbria: Scene, feeding Poor -- Within decorated initial D, Aidanus of Lindisfarne, decorated nimbus, wearing miter, right hand raised, and Oswald of Northumbria, decorated nimbus, crowned, are seated at table on which are vessels, loaves and knife. Oswald extends right hand toward Aidanus and offers vessel to beggar, right hand raised, crutch under left arm, seated below in corner of initial D. Two other beggars, within initial and below table, raise hands towards Oswald.