Frank Wheeler letter to J. Pierpont Morgan, p.2

Frank Wheeler, letter to J. Pierpont Morgan, 12 May 1912, p. 1. ARC 1310. Archives of the Morgan Library & Museum.


p. 2

the publication of Endymion—the finest
Poet’s letter that I’ve ever seen.
      I’m sending you herewith a copy
of this special Catalogue which I
believe to be the best ever issued by any
bookseller but I’m not issuing it to the
public till you have been to see me
      I’m also sending you the “Prayer
Book Dictionary”, just published, as
well as a photograph of the magnificent
Bible presented to Charles II when he
landed at Dover on his return from
      This Bible is reserved for you.
      Yours very obli[gingly?]
      F. Wheeler